PPC Santana fantastic third round of “Projeto Saúde” 2023

Santana´s families and members of the community continue the tradition of the jogging event, which was interrupted by the covid pandemic, now even with greater intensity.

On the 16th of April 2023, Santana followed up in the traditional jogging event, which happened the last time in 2019. In this year, one of the accompanying intentions or goals of the action was the celebration of the 82 years of Santana.

The participants had to overcome either 5km by running, or 3km by walking. The journey led from Santana´s HV facility. The first 5 fastest runners from the male and female categories were rewarded with a trophy donated by PPC Santana.

More than 350 employees, family members, and representatives of the community took part in this special occasion. The assistance of more than 20 volunteers secured the fluent and highly professional course of action.

The result of this extraordinary day was not only a fabulous mood among the participants, plenty of nice and unforgettable memories, but also the beneficial result: donation of milk for charity.

Luis Solimeo, Managing Director of PPC Santana commented on the event with visible enthusiasm and legitimate pride:

“The event was very nice, and we have got amazing feedbacks from many people who participated. I particularly love this event, as it is a chance to get our employees, families, and community in general even closer to each other, on an event that encourages our closest people to include healthier activities on their day by day lives, while we help promoting charity.

The photographs and video can give you an idea of the event, which of course could only happen through a lot of dedication & support from some of our own people and from the community (with a special dedication from Claudia Terenzio from our HR Dpt).”

On behalf of the PPC Insulators group, we congratulate Fabiano Moraes and Daniela Arruda, who became winners of the PPC Santana employee’s male and female categories. Fabiano and Daniela perfectly exemplify balancing outstanding professional performance in their Santana’s roles with a sportive and healthy life.

 The other members of our PPC Insulators Group got great inspiration from this initiative of the Santana team. Therefore, there is a strong belief, that soon we will be able to inform you about other activities and projects with a similar social and noncommercial objective.

Good luck and many strengths for accomplishing your intentions!