Opened eyes and hearts towards those who need our help

PPC Insulators strive to support various local communities or environmental projects in proximity to the manufacturing plants, that endeavor to make our world a better and lovelier place to live.  The cooperation of PPC Santana with the local Pedreira asylum which looks after older people has a long-year tradition.

Throughout its history, LAR DOS VELHOS FLAMINIO MAURICIO has always received special attention from PPC Santana. This is a non-profit long-stay institution for the elderly, in operation since 08/20/1977, currently serving 59 people of both sexes aged 60 or over, or in a situation of social vulnerability, or because family ties are broken or because they have no family.

The most recent donation from PPC Santana to this “Lar” was at the end of 2021, guaranteeing more than 100 days of basic care for asylum residents such as:

  • 10,000 geriatric diapers.
  • 2,400 geriatric pads.
  • 30,000 procedure gloves
  • 2,400 disposable aprons.
  • items necessary for the daily prevention of diseases common to age, as well as greater comfort for these people.

In the words of the president, Luiz Henrique Rosato: “We would also like to leave our request and authorization for the dissemination of this project, using the newspaper, local TV and Social Networks, on our website and also on PPC Santana, as it is of great value to the entity to propagate that we enjoy the support, prestige and trust of your company”.

We believe that this short message will find the right audience and trigger in more of us the internal movement to express support for similar noble human activities.