PPC Santana

For 82 years in the electrical insulation segment, we serve the demand and specificities of the national and international market.

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For 82 years in the electrical insulation segment

Over 100 million insulators installed in several countries, with excellent performance.

Wide product portfolio – experienced and motivated team.

With high mechanical and electrical resistance, 10,000 ton of our products come into service annually in Brazil and worldwide, under the most varied climatic conditions.

We have the solution for your projects and the products suitable for different applications.

Every year, more than 1,5 million of our insulators come into service in Brazil and worldwide under the most varied weather conditions. We believe that the ethics, integrity and rectitude of administrative actions lead us daily to the realization of our dreams.

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Challenges and learning are constant in our company. Highlighted by our customers as technically competent, our team is dedicated and passionate about what they do.

Over 82 years, our company is appointed in its surroundings as a company that provides valuable experience to the team. We believe in the potential of employees, we invest in activities that promote the well-being of people, both in the field of education and professional development, as well as in programs aimed at improving the quality of life for all.

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PPC Santana achieved huge milestone

Development and Sustainability go together in PPC Santana! The Brazilian manufacturing plant of the PPC Insulators group won an ISO 14001 Certificate. Clearly, the certification reaffirms our diligent approach towards…

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