About us

Located in Brazil, PPC Santana is one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere for low, medium, high and extra high voltage insulators, up to 800 kV (dc / ac). Our quality and technical expertise have enabled us to be one of the leading providers of high-precision insulators for demanding utilities & OEMs, not only in Brazil and other Latin American countries, but also in the US and Canada markets.

Company profile

In the market since 82 years ago, our company serves the most varied projects of renowned OEMs, utilities and contractors, nationally and internationally, providing them with solutions for generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy and electrical insulators for low, medium, high and extra high voltage up to 800 kV.
This vocation for the new and for the quality was consolidated with the supply of new solutions in insulators of larger dimensions and of high mechanical resistance, in DC and AC, for the Itaipu project, the largest hydroelectric plant in the world in the 1980s.

We have an experienced and motivated workforce. We are technically reliable, adhering to tax, environmental and compliance laws, equally zealous regarding the company’s solidity and customers fully satisfied.

The three entrepreneurs who, in 1943, engaged in providing the Brazilian energy park with high performance electrical insulators, produced in Brazil.


Our history:


Foundation of the company. Manufacturing of Tableware Porcelain and trinkets for home.


Beginning of the manufacture of electrical porcelain insulators.


Acquisition of technology for the manufacture of Suspension insulators – GE United States.


Acquisition of technology for the manufacture of Suspension insulators – LOCKE United States.


Start of Exports. Today, we export to more than 30 countries.


Acquisition of technology for the manufacture of multicones up to 800 kV – VICTOR United States.


2002 – Start of manufacture of hybrid insulators up to 35 kV.


Integration with the Seves Group.


Santana Project 2009 – PPC Insulators technology for wet machining.


Integration with Holding Triton.


Increased capacity of the high voltage plant from 3000 to 4600 ton.

2021 - 2022

Santana becomes an acquisition of PHI. Establishment of the Insulation Technology Group holding.


Among the main products in the PPC Santana portfolio, we highlight:

  • Highly resistant porcelain and excellent electrical characteristics for up to 800 kV dc / ac, from sophisticated technology and strict quality control.
  • Substation insulators
  • Bushings for transformers, circuit breakers, capacitors, condensers and lightning arresters, customized for OEMs
  • Solid core high voltage insulators, connecting rod type
  • Articulated hollow insulators up to 4700 mm
  • T&D: suspension, support, line post, pin, cap & pin and rod type
  • Multicone up to 800 kV AC and 600 kV DC
  • D&LV: spool, strain and exploser (horn gap) lightning arrester
  • Hybrid up to 35 kV
  • Polymeric composite rod-type up to 35 kV

Complete product portfolio

See the complete PPC Insulators Group product portfolio  with products details and their parameters on the global PPC Insulators website.

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