Producer of insulators, that does not want to stay isolated

PPC Santana belongs to the PPC Insulators group – a global leader in manufacturing porcelain insulators. This is the core information that defines our scope of activities. Even though we produce insulators, we don´t want to stay isolated from the society where we live, and we try to offer a helping hand to those who suffer or are in a difficult situation. 

Several months ago, we informed you about the donor activities of PPC Santana towards the local institution of Pedreira municipality for the first time. We´d like to update you on how these actions are continuing.

The cooperation of PPC Santana with the local Pedreira asylum (LAR DOS VELHOS FLAMINIO MAURICIO) which looks after older people, has a long-year tradition. The most recent donation from PPC Santana to this “Lar” was at the end of 2022, guaranteeing support to the entity to satisfy Sanitary Vigilance´s demand for cantina adequation to the Legislation. They needed funds to pay for materials and labor for the improvements in food management in the storage room, as well as unloading the products.  Also, we helped the asylum to buy paints, and contract a painter to restore male and female rooms, the cantina, the kitchen, and more.


The second institution that benefited from PPC Santana is Centro Infantil Boldrini, a philanthropic hospital specializing in pediatric oncology and hematology, located in Campinas, a city close to Pedreira.

We are very pleased to give some assistance to the entity considered a world reference center in the treatment of childhood cancer and blood diseases.

We wish all the trustees and patients of these institutions a speedy recovery and improvement of their condition so that they can return to their normal lives and enjoy the common things that they can appreciate much more than most people.