Incredible Women Campaign in Santana

This year, the celebration of International Women’s Day in the manufacturing plant of PPC Insulators Brazil, in Santana was very special.

The idea of an Incredible Women Campaign was created and transformed into existence by our smart and unique colleagues. The personalities standing behind this admirable project are:

  • Ana Barros – the creator of the idea,
  • Claudia Terenzio, the HR coordinator – was focused on promoting the approximation of all colleagues as well as the women of PPC.
  • Edna Alves – our tireless colleague full of great ideas and energy supported us with the execution of the individual details.

All objectives were achieved successfully.

Our ladies’ colleagues were invited to share something they would like to show about themselves. For this, they received a guide questionnaire, in which they answered only what they wanted to share.

Based on the shared content, Edna Alves assembled each slide and throughout the month of March, they were individually published on the bulletin boards of the plants, intranet, and clotheslines placed in the canteens and kitchen in the administrative hall. On March 30th, by surprise, an afternoon coffee was offered to all.

The feedback could not be better. Our great gentlemen: Luis Solimeo, Paulo Nascimento, and Eduardo Hilsdorf, on behalf of the board, and Daniel Armelim, as plant production manager, opened with humanized and welcoming speeches.

In addition to the surprise coffee, we invited a beauty consultant who offered make-up and self-care products. Throughout the event, everyone was very happy, and comfortable and interacted the whole time.

Santana is again offering to the whole PPC group a fantastic inspiration and example of how human respect, honor, and emotions can be expressed in an original way.

Photos can give you a better impression, and also you can see slides presenting ladies’ profiles: Womens day Perfis